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September 2014 Transports

Our early September transport included 42 pups who found themselves homeless, unwanted or abandoned in Georgia.  There were 11 from Hall County, 2 from Upson County, 3 from Douglas County, 6 from DeKalb County and several that found themselves abandoned or dumped by their former owners…and the list goes on!!!  FODA treated 2 of these for canine parvovirus, 3 for heart worms,  and 2 for pneumonia.  We are so happy to know that these wonderful dogs will find loving homes with our rescue partners in the northeast…some in just a matter of days.  We love our supporters and our foster families for making our mission to save these animals possible.  Expanding our reach out to other shelters and other counties has made our work more costly due to higher vetting costs but we just keep on keeping on with the help of our supporters!  Thank you always for your generosity and your love of our 4 legged friends!

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August 2014 Transports

The number of animals that FODA was able to save in August was down due to extremely high vetting costs in June and July that carried over into this month.  We have treated a total of 13 dogs who came down with canine parvovirus and were able to save 10 of them.  We also treated 7 dogs for heartworms and various other medical issues.  We will always do everything we can to save the animals in our care but it has come at a huge cost to our lifesaving mission for the animals in the metro Atlanta area.  If you support and believe in FODA and what we do to save the animals in the Metro Atlanta area, please consider a donation to help us recover from the over $20,000 in vet costs that we have incurred in the last 3 months.  Click on the photo of Princess below to see all of the animals we transported to safety and a new life in August and thank you for your continued support of our mission.  Princess hw

Time to Re-Enroll With Kroger Community Giving to Support FODA

Beginning on August 1st, supporters will need to re-enroll in Krogers Communtiy Rewards for the 2014-2015 program year.  Simply go to and sign in to your already created account (or create your account and choose the Kroger you shop at most if you haven’t already), Search for Friends of DeKalb Animals by our name or by our organization number which is 28201, then select us and click “Save”.  Purchases will begin to accumulate for the new term starting on September 1, 2014  and ending again on August 31, 2015


Kroger Community Rewards!

Kroger Community Rewards!